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For four generations Gerstner Tool Chests have enjoyed a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship. They are recognized simply as "the finest tool chests built in America." In terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship, a Gerstner is in a class by itself. No other tool chest in the world has the reputation of a Gerstner.

When you purchase a Gerstner Tool Chest you make an investment in yourself and in your tools. A Gerstner is built with carefully selected hardwoods and veneers that provide a moisture-free environment for the proper storage of your precision tools. Even after a lifetime of daily use, a Gerstner Chest often maintains a value equal to or greater than its original cost.

H. Gerstner & Sons was founded on the belief that a journeyman's reputation is built upon the professionalism that he brings to his work. Gerstner Tool Chests always have and will continue to be used by men and women who take great pride in their work, their tools and their professionalism. We believe that each and every wood chest we build is a keystone in our reputation. We take great pride in our people, our products and the many professionals we serve.

Gerstner's restoration craftsman are specialists in their ability to service, repair, recondition and refinish virtually any Gerstner Chest regardless of age.