Simply put, we are your credit card processing agency and if you don't grow then we don't grow.

But so much more than that we are a merchant consultant firm that will advise, create and help you implement a growth strategy you can use for years to come.

Our Services include:

Merchant/ Credit Card Processing, POS Systems, Inventory Management, Bank Loans, ATM Purchase, Payroll Services, Website & Social Media Development.

Along with amazing growth comes simplicity as you experience another level of customer service that is no longer present when dealing with your processor.

No more calling automated phone services and waiting hours for help. Just call or text your reps cell phone for immediate response and let your account executive deal with the issue while you run your business.

We do this all with the help of many professionals working together to create the ultimate consultant agency.

WPS also improves on the securities that are so important when dealing with credit card processing. PCI and EMV platforms are constantly being updated and include extra measures that the regular processor cannot touch.

Veterans and small business owners, We still believe in character, integrity and honesty. That foundation has helped us create a system that has grown to help hundreds of businesses across America.

Its time to take back control of your processing.
Contact us today and join our family. You will be so happy you did.