78 Indoor Shooting Ranges In The U.S. Paid Fines Totaling $2 Million For Air Quality Violations.
How Safe Is The Air In Your Range?

In 78 cases between 2004 and 2014, indoor shooting ranges paid initial fines to the government totaling over $2,000,000. That’s over $25,641 per fined violation. Can your shooting range afford to disregard EPA air quality standards?

As much as we like to worry about the government interfering in our ability to run a small profitable business, air quality concerns are a real risk.

One OSHA report proved that inorganic lead levels in indoor shooting rangers can reach 18,000 micrograms/cubic meter, 600 times higher than the safe accepted level…

When you look at the numbers, you’ll see that 86% of indoor shooting ranges inspected by OSHA violate at least one lead-related standard…

Lead is a deadly contaminant that is present in high concentrations right now in your range. Accept now that it is the nature of the shooting industry because…

You will be held responsible for maintaining a safe shooting environment either by the government with sanctioned fines, or in a courtroom during a civil lawsuit.

Don’t let the conditions inside of your range hurt your patrons, cause a lawsuit, or create financial penalties that will threaten to shut down your range!

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