Ranges for public, private and government use
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is owned and operated by Folsom Shooting Club INC. SVSC is the premier outdoor shooting range on the West Coast and the largest and best privately held range West of the Mississippi.

Our ranges provide something for everyone. We provide facilities for shotgun, handgun and rifle shooters. Our multi-million dollar 860+ acre facility has well over 400 firing positions and is home to many different sub disciplines. Our ranges are sought out by many world class shooters and we host several regional, national and international events every year.

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center is a world class facility with many private member only ranges. We also permit public access to our 100 and 300 yard rifle ranges, as well as our 50 yard pistol and .22 rim fire steel silhouette range.

Pro Shop On Site
Our main range retail office is generally stocked with common caliber ammunition for your modern firearms. Are you a reloader? We stock smokeless powders, primers, bullets and range brass. Like to keep it clean? We have a good selection of cleaning solvents and lubricants as well as common cleaning gear. We also have an assortment of targets to choose from, or you can bring your own paper targets.

No gun store commandos here, our staff are the friendliest you will find at any range. You can expect to be treated with respect at our facility. Many of our staff members are life long shooters with a wealth of experience to share. We are a family friendly facility, and we encourage women and youth shooters to come out and spend a day with us. Ask around and you will find that the word on the street will back up our claims.

Please note that Sacramento Valley Shooting Center does not rent guns. Be sure to bring your own, or bring a buddy and use hers.

Safe Shooting is great shooting
We take your safety seriously at Sac Valley. Shooting is a very safe sport when practiced correctly. We require that all range employees become NRA certified Range Safety Officers, even our maintenance staff. We want you to take safety seriously too, so we have a few requirements for all shooters. Eye and hearing protection are mandatory for anyone on the range. Please be aware that all firearms on the public range MUST use an empty chamber indicator during cease fire periods. Bring your own or buy one at the office for a nominal fee.

Membership & Range Fees
Public Ranges:

Rifle - 300 yard, 11 positions shaded
Rifle - 100 yard, 52 positions covered
Pistol - 50 yard, 24 positions covered
Rim Fire (.22 caliber) - reactive target range, 8 positions covered
Shotgun - 4 Trap, 2 Skeet, 5 Stand Sporting Clays

Member Ranges:

Action Pistol
Pistol Silhouette
100 Meter Rifle
1000 Yard Rifle
Rifle Silhouette
200 Yard Rifle

Range Prices

Rifle & Pistol Members Non-Members
Rifle and Pistol $3.00-$5.00 $14.00
300 Yard Rifle $3.00-$5.00 $14.00
Competition Ranges $5.00-$14.00 $14.00

Shotgun Members Non-Members
Shotgun $5.00 per/round $6.00 per/round + $2 day use fee

The SCTP Youth Shooters will receive a $1.00 discount per round of shooting at the Shotgun Range.
NOTE: Additional range fees are not required when changing ranges except when moving to a range with a higher fee. This does not apply to the Shotgun Ranges which are on a per round basis.
There is an additional $5.00 steel fee for the High Power Rifle Silhouette and Big Bore Pistol Silhouette ranges.
Non-members on the competition ranges must be accompanied as a guest of members.

Membership Information

Non-Voting Membership:Non-Voting Members will have reduced cost access to the public ranges. Non-Voting Members may have access to private range facilities as a guest of a Voting Member or as part of a club match or other event open to the public. See the Operations Manager for details.

Voting Membership:Voting Membership is limited to 1911 voting members. Voting Members have access to all available range facilities, with successful completion of an orientation if required for a specific area. Annual dues are $150.00 for Regular Voting Members and $75.00 for Seniors (over the age of 60). The club year is from January 1st through December 31st. Voting Members can reduce their dues by providing volunteer work at the range prior to the next member year. Regular Voting Members must complete 10 hours per year, and Senior Voting Members must complete 5 hours to qualify for the discounted dues. See the Operations Manager for details.