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We are a shooter direct company that wants to make sure as many shooters as possibe have the opportunity to purchase bullets for their shooting needs.

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Montana Gold Bullet, Inc.

Montana Gold Bullet, Inc.

We started our company as BDX Mfg. as a small family operation in 1974. At that time, we did custom reloading. We ran that until 1985 when we sold the reloading portion and went into the bullet manufacturing specialty. We specialized in lead swaged bullets and worked on making a full line of small pistol lead bullets. Things changed and we started manufacturing copper jacketed bullets in 1991. We reorganized and renamed the business Montana Gold Bullet Incorporated. The jacketed bullets have been very popular with past and new customers alike. The CMJ (complete metal jacket) is the newest item in the market from our line. We deal mostly on the wholesale level. We do not have a retail store. We do have pickup orders. Call ahead for packaging, etc. We want to thank all of our customers for their business. read more